If you're looking for an ethical choice in your reading pop by or find us online. We stock a wide variety of second hand books as well as a curated collection of Graphic Novels.

We now also offer Dorothy Dickens Book Bags

Five carefully curated, beautiful books are selected for you in four select styles:

Classic Literature | Australian Literature | Vintage Fiction | Vintage Non-fiction

The volumes are then individually wrapped - becoming your very own brown paper packages tied up with string!

Each package is placed inside a calico bag with a book mark, a hand written personalized note and a small gift from our staff. 

These unique treats are available for order in store, via email, or over the phone.

$40 pick up in store or $50 posted.


If there's a title we don't have we can use our extensive contacts to source one for you! You can send inquiries to us here or call us on 02 6452 6052


Our exchange process runs on a credit system, instead of taking cash you can choose to give away unwanted books for credit. This means you get a higher value of return on the books you send in to keep new titles constantly on your shelves.


We source our books from you! If you have editions you'd like us to take you can bring them to our premises or if you have a larger collection to clear you can book a consultation with us here