What happened to the Christmas I remember?

As a child I was so excited for Christmas. For gifts (of course!) but to travel, catching up with family spread all over the country and spending time with friends at any chance.

Now I find myself at odds with Christmas, disdainful of the carols that flood our daily lives from early November and dissatisfied with the array of gifts I feel obligated to buy for people I hardly know.

Christmas feels hollow to me and I don’t think I'm the only one.

In an effort to fix this I've set myself a resolution, or a set of commandments, that I hope will bring back some of the love I once had for this time of year.

Buy small or not at all- One gift that is thoughtful and useful is worth more than any amount of trinkets waiting to be chucked or regifted.

Food is your friend- If you need a small gift, go for something edible! Not only does this reduce the waste of unwanted presents but home made goods are a great way to avoid overspending in a time designed for it.

Support artists- Whether its a book, a film or a ticket to something coming up, this gift reduces the consumption of things we don't need whilst supporting creators of things that truly bring us joy.

Buy second-hand- If there's something specific you're looking for, check for second-hand items first. Vintage items can often be higher quality or unique whilst having the benefit of supporting local businesses and charities rather than mega corporations.

And finally…

Family first- remember that whilst Christmas has a crazy and convoluted past, it has always centered on celebration with friends and family, whether its blood relatives or a found family take the time to tell people that you love and appreciate them.

I hope these steps reconnect me with Christmas and maybe they'll help you too.

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