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Flood From Heaven: Deciphering The Atlantis Legend

Publisher BCA
Year 1984

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A popularly held view of the Atlantis legend is that it describes a continent in the midst of the Atlantic, containing an advanced civilization, submerged over 11,500 years ago. This misconception--along with others that have placed Atlantis in places like Greenland, Sri Lanka & Sweden--originates from the long-winded transmission of the legend, which was originally retrieved from Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions & eventually recorded by Plato c. 350 BC. Now Dr Zangger, a geoarcheologist, with years of fieldwork experience in the Mediterranean, has discovered the true nature of Plato's story & the real location of Atlantis in his book, The Flood from Heaven, which draws on modern science, legends & ancient poetry to solve one of the world's mysteries. The story of Atlantis is actually an ancient Egyptian account of the Trojan War. Under the auspices of Stanford U. & the German Archeological Institute, he conducted a geoarcheological research program in Greece between 1984 & '88, where drill cores taken near Bronze Age citadels led to this conclusion. Like Homer, Plato was relating the story of a war involving bronze weapons, chariots & 1200 ships. Both Homer & Plato discuss the fact that the Greeks, despite desertion by allies & deadly perils, were able to lead the forces of a united army to a victory in a land, like Troy, characterized by its position at narrow straits of difficult navigability, hot & cold springs, strong northern winds & artificial canals. These similarities & insights as well as others form a theory of such significance that it will have as much impact on the study of Mediterranean prehistory as did Schliemann's discovery of Troy.

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