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Kosciusko: Where The Ice Trees Burn

By KLAUS HUENEKE , Photographic Collection

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Brumbies in the Snow

By PAULA BOER , Snowy Mountains

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Reading Socks: Silver Fox

By Dorothy Dickens Books & Music , Reading Socks

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About Dorothy Dickens

Dorothy Dickens Books and Music, nestled in the NSW Snowy Mountains, has been a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in Cooma for almost 30 years.

We took on the business almost 10 years ago and have enjoyed learning more about our customers, what they need from their local bookshop, and continuing to provide quality customer service and beautiful books to everyone in our community.

We’re here to make sure that all of our customers know the joy of curling up with their perfect book, and this is the standard for every customer interaction.

Our specialisation is secondhand books, the vast majority of which are sourced from the Snowy-Monaro region. Our collection is filled with carefully curated books...

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Dorothy's Blog

"Exploring the Timeless Allure: A Dive into Historical and Queer Romance Fiction"

Dorothy Dickens Books Admin

Romance fiction has always held a special place in literature, capturing the hearts of readers with its tales of love, passion, and the eternal que...

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The Allure of Classic Fiction

Dorothy Dickens Books Admin

Classic fiction books have a magical ability to transport readers across time and space, immersing them in worlds crafted with timeless narratives ...

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What to Buy Your Bookish Friends

Dorothy Dickens Books Admin

 It can be difficult to buy for your bookish friends. We all know they want books, but which ones? They own so many books that it can be impossible...

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Shared by Local Poet Sue Gorange

Dorothy Dickens Books Admin

My Smile has gone ... The old woman said Where has it gone? The young child asked Into a closet, behind this mask The Youngster watched her thought...

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