Shared by Local Poet Sue Gorange

Shared  by Local Poet Sue Gorange

July 11, 2022

My Smile has gone ... The old woman said

Where has it gone? The young child asked

Into a closet, behind this mask

The Youngster watched her thoughtfully

Remembering where the smile should be


Can I Get it? he asked his Nan

You can reach it ... Maybe ...

Before you're a man

Is the closet locked? He asked

That door is locked behind this mask


Where must I look to find the key?

I don't know son ...

He climbed on her knee,

Seeing some gentleness in her eyes

He climbed the stairs he found inside


Throwing his arms around her neck ...

In that embrace ... neatly hidden

He found the key that he'd been given

The old woman felt her eyes go moist

Finding some comfort in his voice


The child looked up...

And in his kiss

He found the key his Nan had missed.

For just a moment, on her knee

They shared the smile of memory

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