What to Buy Your Bookish Friends

 It can be difficult to buy for your bookish friends. We all know they want books, but which ones? They own so many books that it can be impossible to know what they already have. So I've come up with a few ideas that may help you. And the best part is, we have them here at Dorothy Dickens Books.

1). You could give them a reading journal and pen to record the books they have read and what they thought about them. This prevents them from buying multiple copies of the same book and has the added bonus of being a source you can steel when next you wish to buy a book for them.

2). Bookmarks are always appreciated. There are numerous types available. Choose one that matches with their favourite book or represents another of their hobbies for that added touch.

3). During the winter months you can give your bookish friend a pair of reading socks and a mug for the hot beverage of their choice, all to ensure they stay snug and warm on those bleak days.

4) Of course there are always book bags, bookish pins and other novelty items, book stands and reading lights. And don't forget to wrap the whole lot up with cute, bookish paper. Your friend will love you forever!

I hope I have gone a little way towards solving the dilemma of what to buy your book enthusiast friend.

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